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A study has shown that Mumbaikars spend more time travelling than any city in the WORLD! Take advantage of the fact we are a city that is ALWAYS ON THE MOVE.

Unlike Radio or TV Ads, with Outdoor Advertisement, the audience simply cannot change the channel. Moreover, we see thousands of online ads each day and they are no longer generating conversions that they used to.

OOH (Out of Home) Advertising cannot be ignored, nor can they be set to AdBlock. These days, people pay more attention to the brands they see outside the realm of their smartphone screens.

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Put your message on the eye level

Bus Ads put your message on the eye level

AC Bus Wraps

Bus exterior wrap advertising ensures that your ad is seen by a large and diverse audience, including pedestrians and motorists. Buses travel through different neighbourhoods and areas, which allows businesses to reach a wide and diverse audience.

Railway Stations

The most significant advantage of railway station advertising is the massive footfall. Advertising in train stations can help to increase brand awareness and recognition, as your ads will be seen repeatedly by a large number of people over a period of time.

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Here at Zeplin Media, we help you make most of your outdoor advertising. Our team of experts will help you develop a tailored-fit ad campaign most suitable for your brand.

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