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Helping you to grow faster and bigger

When people are on the move in densely populated areas, they are typically more aware of their surroundings and pay attention to advertisements in their field of vision. Our unmissable fully wrapped buses will most surely grab people’s attention.

We help bussiness to grow faster and bigger

Large Canvas

A full-wrap bus is literally a moving billboard travelling around town.

Targeted Routes

Geographically target your audience by selecting the bus routes best suited for your campaigns.

Frequent Hammering

Provide repeated exposure to your audience as the buses keep going to and fro on their designated routes.

Eye-Level Exposure

With large graphics and text on the eye-level, it is almost impossible to miss an advertisement on the side of a bus.


Bus advertising gives you great flexibility in terms of number of buses, routes and budget

Budget Friendly

With fairly wide reach, Bus Advertising falls on the lower end of the cost spectrum in Outdoor Advertising

We are masters of this industry

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"Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Keep up the excellent work."
Roman Xavier
Thinklab CEO
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